From: "John Burkitt" <>
Subject: RE: Chronicles of the Pridelands
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 07:34:20 -0500
Message #: 5


First off, I'm sure I can speak for Dave too and say we were very
flatered by this letter from Tiambe about reading Part 1 of Chronicles.

I really want to clarify something for the rest of you.  He downloaded
the major rewrite we did that stretched way back to the cubhood of Ahadi
and Akase.

This version is found on and contains about
1/3 totally new material, and some inconsistencies and problems with the
old were removed in the other 2/3.  

I've been rather remiss about finding copies of the old Chronicles to
make this fact more widely known to the fandom.  But as many of you know
I'm busy running a nonprofit, and it soaks up time and energy like a

John Burkitt

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