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Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 02:55:15 +0200 (CEST)
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Brian Tiemann wrote:
> On Jul 14, 2005, at 3:57 PM, Clare Padfield wrote:
>>> a weird thought. Mhisani is a friend of mine and I saw how  depressed he
>>> was abut the bombing. Anyway, my brain kept working and...
>>> Has anybody ever considered that it has been *hyena* suicide  bombers
>>> led
>>> by Scar? We all know the leonine head of the hyena bunch was a Brit.
>>> <peeks at Camrath, maybe he had even worse ideas for the whole  
>>> dilemma...>
>> Umm... am I the only one who finds this very confusing and  marginally
>> tasteless?
>> Camrath can't access his TLK-L account but is equally baffled.

Just meant to say that he has a clear word about certain things usually,
that's all.

>> I'm not personally offended or anything, but I do feel there's a  line to
>> be drawn between using humour to get on with life (good thing) and  
>> mocking
>> a tragedy (not so good).
>     I agree. Come on, people. Some of us take this sort of thing  
> extremely seriously.

Bah, what's this on this list? Just some bitter humor and an ironic
parallel to stupid hyenas...

Welcome to reality. But as you wish, your majesty.

Maybe I am just too old to be talked around by list rules dictated to
conform with minors.

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Well, having finally managed to get access to the 'send' function on this
account, here's my two cents.
The attacks on london haven't scared us so much- in fact, it's more a case
of 'is that the best you can do? Excuse us while we go on with our lives,
good fags.'. However, there's a difference between coping with something
amongst ourselves, and having people who aren't connected making idiot
comments that quite simply aren't appropriate.
Now if I wanted to go into the inappropriate territory myself, I would make
comments about the traditional german lack of a sense of humour, and cast
allusions to the fact that you boys tried much the same thing, with much
the same results, but I'm not really a snippy guy like that. I prefer
obscenity to racism, as pretty much everyone knows.
Perhaps I'm just tetchy about it because if my mother hadn't decided to
take a second cup of coffee at breakfast she'd have been stuck under Kings
Cross at the wrong time, but I feel that what gallows humour there IS in
the subject matter is humour for us to use- not for outsiders. In the same
way most people (not, I admit, myself) would avoid walking around Dresden
making jokes about it being a hot time in the old town tonight.

*Mental note: Go to Dresden, make firestorm jokes*

As for your attack on Brian and the list rules, weeeeell.. he does kind of
own this list, so what he says goes. I'm sure I'm going to get a bit of a
bollocking for this mail myself, but I sure as hell don't expect
preferential treatment for being older than the average member, or a long
term fandom member or whatever.

I suppose my real point is thus: Humour is valuable, but only the right
sort of humour, at the right time. Outside of that, it loses its value and
just becomes at best irritating, at worst infuriating.

The one, the only British Gothlion- and pretty damned proud of his country,
city and people right now.


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