From: Brian Tiemann <>
Subject: Re: Lion King in London Cast at the BBC
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 16:32:11 -0700
Message #: 20


On Jul 14, 2005, at 4:17 PM, Kublia wrote:

>>     I agree. Come on, people. Some of us take this sort of thing  
>> extremely seriously.
> Bah, what's this on this list? Just some bitter humor and an ironic  
> parallel to stupid hyenas...
> Welcome to reality. But as you wish, your majesty.
> Maybe I am just too old to be talked around by list rules dictated  
> to conform with minors.

    Yes, me saying that perhaps likening a recent terrorist attack  
to a cartoon movie is treading on the boundaries of taste-- that's  
the height of tyranny, right there.

    It's not always because of "minors" that certain things can be  
considered tasteless.


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