Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 23:21:33 +0200
From: Kublia <>
Subject: Re: Lion King in London Cast at the BBC
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a weird thought. Mhisani is a friend of mine and I saw how depressed he
was abut the bombing. Anyway, my brain kept working and...

Has anybody ever considered that it has been *hyena* suicide bombers led
by Scar? We all know the leonine head of the hyena bunch was a Brit.

<peeks at Camrath, maybe he had even worse ideas for the whole dilemma...>

<g> Sorry, couldn't resist!

Mhisani wrote:
>>Mhisani wrote:
>>>We got to see the Lion King bit live at the studio. It was Broadcast last
>>>Saturday at 6:30-7:30 With the Circle of Life inserted into the 8:15
>>>results broadcast..
>>>If any of you want to see the video..
>>That was SO great! I just can't imagine what it would be like to see
>>them on stage...! I must go and see this show before they close it.
>>And by the way, the file is "just" 55Mb... And it is well worth waiting

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