Our Majordomo
    Good day to you! I am Zazu, the majordomo to the King of the Pride Lands. And what's a majordomo, you may ask? Well! Webster's Online Dictionary tells us that the majordomo is-- ahem: "A man" (or bird) "who has authority to act, within certain limits, as master of the house; a steward; also, a chief minister or officer."

    Er, well. Perhaps that wasn't so interesting after all. Maybe you had something different in mind? Yes, of course! Ha ha, how silly of me. Here at lionking.org, as the majordomo listserver, I serve the TLK-L mailing list to all the subjects of the King. And do let me tell you, it's a job I would not wish upon any creature great or small. All those fan-fiction posts, and oh! that loathsome "Atta-bot"... it's enough to stand my feathers on end. Why, back when Mufasa was the King, I used to--

    ... What? What's that you say? "Be quiet"? Well, I never... such a thankless job, it's a wonder I haven't flown off years ago... to a nice quiet nest of my own, to settle down and raise a... oh, dear me. I suppose I really must do my duties, or I'll never hear the end of it.

Here, master, are your choices. You can:

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    Well, I hope you've found my services of some use. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm a very busy bird; there are matters of state to which I must attend, and if the King doesn't have me to advise him I don't know where the Pride Lands will be by the next rainfall... today's cubs-- let me tell you...

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